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Basic Recommendations

by GetBetterPics team

suplemment photo


Welcome to our Basic Recommendations guide. This short guide provides practical recommendations to improve your headshot results. If you're new to AI tools, you can use these basics to generate more photorealistic photos. This guide only presents recommendations, if you know what you are doing you can try to do things your own way. The results are dependent on the input photos and each input needs different adjustments to achieve perfect photos.

List of Basic Recommendations

  • We recommend using 20 centered images using different backgrounds and lighting. Try adding some images with a dark background.
  • Everything that is repeated in different photos can become associated with you. It does not mean that repeating the same clothes will ensure that it will be reproduced in the end result. But if youre going to try this out, add other clothes to some photos as well.
  • AI results will be based on the images you provide, so you should avoid making faces.
  • Show different angles of your face with different poses that you find beautiful or look natural on you. Also, try to use a few full body images.
  • For better results, avoid mixing too many photos showing teeth with non-smiling photos. The photos not showing teeth usually perform better.
  • Avoid showing your hands in the photo.

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