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GetBetterPics - Frequently asked questions

GetBetterPics is a tool that creates beautiful photos of you using AI that you can use on your social media. Become more photogenic and up your social media game.
The images you provide are saved on our servers in a private space. with restricted access so that no one can view or download them, including other users. Your photos and the model generated from them are also stored on the a AI model generator server with the sole purpose of generating your final images. Your input photos and resulting images are permanently deleted five days after the model has been trained in all instances where they were saved. Until they are not deleted, we can still use them, if you wanted, to generate more images just for you, in case something goes wrong in the process the first time.
Your images are generated using Artificial intelligence and it usually takes up to 50 min to train the model.
After submitting your request form and waiting for the model to be trained, you can find the images generated within each album in the albums section of your profile by clicking on it.
Training a model is expensive and we have infrastructure costs. To keep the tool viable we usually avoid refunds, but we can allow them in case of fair reasons.

GetBetterPics is your Go-To AI Professional Headshot Generator. Effortlessly create stunning headshots from simple photos, without complex photography setups or studio sessions.

By leveraging AI, we're simplifying the process of headshot creation, making it accessible, cost-effective, still delivering outstanding quality.

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